Minutes of All Age Schools Forum Meeting - Ysgol Caer Elen

Tuesday, 15 November 2022


H. Lloyd, D. Hughes, C. Crockett, B. Emyr Jones, J. Owen, G. Owen, R. Barrett, C. Llewellyn, T. Mein, R. Thomas, C. Bramley, K. Gwyn, Rh. Morris, M. Thomas, M. Cameron, A. Lloyd, N. Griffiths, J. Luker, H. Lloyd Jones, S. Vaughan, Gareth Evans, C. Hart

Apologies: R. Rees, D. Pugh



  1. Budget and Research Projects No progress has been made on most of the new projects but schools involved with the Numeracy project have met and further development is needed. There are possibly too many schools in each project.

    Two pots of money have been allocated by WG, intended to be spent over two years. At a minimum, a two-page document summarising findings is acceptable as an outcome. Kevin Palmer has allocated a further £100,000 but wants a concrete plan on what will be done with the funding.

    HLl asked what could realistically be done considering pressures on schools.

    RT suggested that the first phase of research could be revisited and completed.

    HLl asked for views on research trips and visits e.g. to an AA school in Doncaster.

    RT suggested specific areas for development of good practice.

    MC stated that his group found the first phase of research very useful and said that it would be beneficial to carry on with the cycle. He said that the involvement of Swansea University was very useful for checking the work in a formal research framework. He asked what the cost of their involvement would be for guidance and feedback on professional research.

    NG stated that, as a new head, she would like to look at leadership.

    GE stated that he found visiting and questioning other schools most useful. He suggested funding the release of e.g. a Head to visit a similar school/context.

    HLl said that the money could be used flexibly to release staff.

    DH said that WG needs to see that money is well spent/invested and that next steps need to be decided with outcomes assured. Forum groups could be akin to PLCs, preferably in geographically similar areas.

    JL stated that Kevin Palmer is generous with funding if he can see positive outcomes.

    HLl will ask SU to be involved/drive the research forward. Nominally, there is £4.000 per school but schools must email each other to decide who will work with whom by the first week of December. Any proposals should also be made by this time. HLl will advise on a plan before Christmas and agrees that outcomes are imperative.

    JL asked if schools had National Education Research Masters candidates in schools and that some of the topics mentioned may cross over with research done by those students.

    HLl stated that an email will be sent confirming details of the proposed plan u.e. schools to work in small PLCs to obtain the £4000 funding. The named research for 22-23 could be repeated or a new project could be undertaken.
  1. JL gave a brief presentation of his findings in AAS research. The questionnaire he uses will be put on the website and translated to Welsh.

  2. RB (Chair of Governors Ebbw Fawr) gave a brief presentation on the involvement of governors in AASs. He suggested that governors may wish to have a PLC. He requested that school representatives would ask their governors’ views on this proposal.

  3. HLl recalled the involvement of pupils in school visits and that this was very beneficial, The Urdd Centre in Cardiff could also be used as previously. Attendees agreed.

Meeting ended at 2.30 p.m.

Minutes recorded by Catherine Hart

Next meeting TBA in Llanfyllin during the Spring term/April.
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