Welsh Government Funded All Age Schools Research Notes on Pedagogy Group Meeting

Wednesday, 16 June 2021 @ 1.40 p.m.


Alex Southern, Heulyn Roderick, Steffan Nutting, Angharad Lloyd, Nia Griffiths
Apologies: Bethan Jones



  1. AS – The purpose of the meeting is to re-engage with research after Covid restrictions with a view to sharing findings and presenting them in an autumn conference with Welsh Government. Alex will contact Bethan to ensure that she is up to date and CH/AS’s notes will be forwarded.

  2. HR – Title of research is: What is the opinion and feelings of teachers teaching across sector in all age schools?. The questionnaire was planned and completed by 210 respondents and interviews were carried out with 12-15 people totally in the 5 schools. AS- Next steps are to analyse the data. Thematic analysis of the questionnaires is suggested – researchers to look for commonalities/ themes e.g. specific Teaching and Learning strategies. AS asked for examples of the questionnaires from each school to scan for commonalities. Researchers will then analyse. As this is a significant body of raw data, the analysis cannot be rushed and will be completed by the start of next term. The poster is less onerous.

  3. AS will pull together the questionnaires and interviews and will send out a bullet point guide on analysis.

  4. Dissemination of findings will be during September. The WG Education minister will attend the autumn conference where researchers/groups will share findings. The poster will be placed on the AAS Forum website by the beginning of term. In summary, data generation is complete, next steps have been planned for individual data management and marshalling/analysis.

  5. ALl. asked if it would be possible to meet in person to analyse the data. AS agreed that this would be very beneficial and will investigate possible venues either in a school or in the University.

Action Plan




Meeting notes/contact with Bethan Jones



Forward q’aires to AS



Generate google forms report and review data


End of summer term

Provide bullet point guide to analysis



Analyse Interviews in each setting – identify themes


End of Summer Term 21

Analyse q’aire data, according to themes


Start of Autumn Term

Group discussion and comparative analysis of data Produce findings and conclusions/recommendations for further study


Autumn term 21

Place poster on AASF website


Autumn term 21

Arrange possible venue for analysis meeting


TBC – need to check SU guidelines

Meeting ended at 2.05 p.m.

Minutes recorded by Catherine Hart
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