All Age Schools Research Plan 2021-2022

All Age Schools Research Research Plan 2021-2022

Research published by Swansea University School of Education.

Dr. Alex Southern | Swansea University School of Education [email protected]

 An Exploration of All Age Schools in Wales 


 To carry out research and support All Age schools to undertake close to practice pedagogical enquiry around leadership, pedagogies, and pupil wellbeing in All Age School settings. 

Agreed Objectives for Welsh Government R&D Project
  1. To develop a Research Literacy programme at level 7 (masters) to enable teachers engaged in the project to undertake a small piece of research to be included a report for WG 

  2. To provide the training for the programme and support the three identified clusters with data analysis

  3. To work with external colleague/s in a partner HEI who will provide support for Welsh Medium schools

  4. To undertake a literature review to inform the final report

  5. To develop a research plan (spanning two years) to collect, analyse and interpret the data to be included in the final report

  6. To attend the national conference and contribute two sessions at the event 
Methodology Overview

 The research comprises a qualitative, ethnographic design, using a range of methods and tools to identify and analyse leadership, pedagogy, and wellbeing in a selection of All Age Schools in Wales. 

The following methods will be used: 

  • Documentary analysis of the schools’ survey responses pertaining to leadership structure, in particular, and pedagogy and wellbeing where relevant. Surveys completed by the schools outside of this research project, and shared publicly.

  • Documentary analysis of information shared via the All Age Schools Forum Cymru website

  • Pedagogical enquiries undertaken by the schools

  • Interviews with school leaders 
Timeline: Progress Update

Jan-March 2020: Research training delivered, literature identified. SUSE team also developed the research tools, piloted and carried out interviews with stakeholders.

March 2020-2021: School research teams carried out pedagogical enquiries. Covid closures and restrictions have impacted upon this stage of the project. Each school/group has completed the enquiry activity, and are at varying stages of reporting

Next steps

April-May 2021: Literature search continued, discussions with All Age Forum lead regarding research process, discussions with WG regarding possible extension after pause in activity due to COVID school closures to generation population 

May 2021: All Age Forum website launched, research project re-introduced to schools, invitation to participate extended and support for pedagogical enquiries offered 

May 2021: Extension to ethics application approved by Swansea University (end date amended to Dec 2022, in line with WG project extension agreement) 

May-July 2021: Review surveys undertaken by school leaders (co-ordinated by the Forum) in order to map the SLT structures of the All-Age schools 

Documentary analysis of website materials and texts 

June 2021: SUSE to re-engage with school research teams in order to build a picture of how each enquiry was organised, selected, and undertaken, to provide context to reporting 

May-July 2021: SUSE to support the 3 research teams to pull their data together. AS to work with the schools to develop these into research posters across the three themes: 

1. Wellbeing and Transition (Ebbw Fawr, Tonyrefail, Cwm Brombil) 

2. Pedagogy (Ysgolion Cymraeg – Ystalyfera Bro Dur, Gartholwg, Bro Morgannwg, Bro Idris, Bro Pedr ) 

3. Leadership (St Bridgids, Idris Davies, Nantgwyn, Penrhyn Dewi) 

End July 2021: Research posters completed and published 

July-Sep 2021: Review and summarise enquiries (what enquiries have been undertaken, are there any patterns in approaches or findings/recommendations?). Summary to provide narrative for the pedagogical enquiry project, and contribute to interim report/conference presentation. 

July-Sep 2021: Update literature review 

Sep/Oct 2021: Dissemination event: conference (details TBC, dependent on arrangements with WG and new Minister). Schools and SUSE to contribute presentations. 

Oct-March 2022: Interviews with a selection of leaders across the 26 All Age schools in Wales 

March-June 2022: Transcription and data management 

End March 2022: Interim report: progress update, emerging themes where possible/practicable 

April 2022: Publish draft Literature Review 

July-Sep 2022: Thematic Analysis of the data, across three strands: leadership, pedagogy, wellbeing 

Oct-Dec 2022: Report authoring 

Dec 2022: Final report complete and published 

All Age Schools Research Plan 2021-2022


Dr. Alex Southern | Swansea University School of Education

Schools included in the project:

Ebbw Fawr, Tonyrefail, Cwm Brombil, Ystalyfera Bro Dur, Gartholwg, Bro Morgannwg, Bro Idris, Bro Pedr, St Bridgids, Idris Davies, Nantgwyn, Penrhyn Dewi.


Dr. Alex Southern

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