Definitions of Research Designs

A type of applied research designed to find the most effective way to bring about a desired social change or solve a practical problem. It is usually carried in collaboration with the research participants.

(Example: Multi-campus schools).

Research that examines and evaluates different aspects of education and learning processes, through individuals, organisations, and institutions that have a role in shaping educational outcomes.

(Example: Developing the New Curriculum for Wales).

The systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of data that relates to an organisation or organisations.

(Example: Examining pupil outcomes or staff performance data).

Research in communities, such as a school, with an emphasis on participation and action. The aim is to understand the setting by trying to change it, after a process of collaboration and reflection.

(Example: Can All-Age Schools provide a better focus for the community?)

The conceptual and analytical methods associated with the understanding of how far policies set by government or public bodies achieve their goals.
(Example: Developing the New Curriculum for Wales).

Research carried out by professionals who themselves deliver services in the school in some form rather than research conducted by an outside academic evaluator.
(Example: Literacy, numeracy, digital competence, and the New Curriculum for Wales).

The process of establishing through empirical research how far a specific programme established by government or administrative bodies has achieved its goals. Empirical research is grounded in the belief that direct observation of phenomena is an appropriate way to measure reality and generate truth about the world.
(Example: Literacy, numeracy, digital competence, and the New Curriculum for Wales).

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