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All Age Schools Forum – Research Questionnaire Submission

Participating School or Schools:

Ysgol Bro Caereinion

Local authority and / or Consortia?


Participating Staff researchers:

Laura Jones
Edward Baldwin
Huw Lloyd-Jones


Developing Learning & Teaching in all age school setting.

If “other” please state:


Rationale for the choice of theme:

Following the new all-age school’s first local authority core visit it was evident that independent learning was strong on the primary campus but under-developed on the secondary campus.

What was the research question?

How can we learn from primary pupils and practitioners and develop secondary age learners to become more independent, along with developing our classroom practitioners to plan for independent learning.

What research design was used?

Action Research. (Solving practical school problems)., Educational Research. (Examining education and learning)., Organisational Research. (Analysing and interpreting the school)., Participatory Research. (Researching alongside pupils or others)., Practitioner Research. (Research by school practitioners).

If “other” please state.


Research methods used.

Literature Reviews., Interviews., Observations.

If “other” please state.


How was the funding used to resource the design? (Please tick all that apply)

Staff cover., Staff visits., Research materials including books.

If “other” please state.


What were the research objectives?

Evaluate the current level of independent learning across both phases and consider how current pedagogical practices on the primary phase can be transferred to the secondary classroom.

What were the research outcomes?

Secondary phase lessons were too ‘teacher led’ and in many areas did not plan for independent learning.
The need to develop the curriculum to consider more opportunities for independent learning.

How has the research process impacted the school?

Yes – the most recent local authority FADE report following our 3rd core visit as a ‘new’ school commented that independent learning was more evident on the secondary phase in comparison to January 2023.

What, if any, are the potential areas for follow-up research?

Some teachers need further professional development.
How technology can be utilised to support independent learning.
The role of feedback in developing independent learning.

How have any changes resulting from the research been implemented?

Teaching and Learning weekly briefings conducted with secondary phase teachers focusing on developing independent learning conducted.

Can the school make recommendations to other schools based upon the research?

Yes, happy to share our findings and development.

Ethical research practice

The school confirms that the enquiry detailed above was carried out in accordance with the 2018 British Educational Research Association’s Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research. These guidelines include participant consent, transparency, the right to withdraw, incentives, avoidance of harm, privacy and data storage, and disclosure.

Report Author:

Huw Lloyd-Jones

Report Date:



Laura Jones, Edward Baldwin & Huw Lloyd-Jones

Schools included in the RESEARCH:

Ysgol Bro Caereinion


Huw Lloyd-Jones

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